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Klanten en cursisten over ons

Feedback van de HR managers

Many thanks for providing me with the May attendance sheet. Last week I’ve sent out a survey to the participants to gather feedback about the course, please find a dashboard that summarizes their input here. Overall, they seemed to be very satisfied with the course and Riet’s method, was great to read their feedback. Many thanks to both you & Riet for the support.

Nora – Hr Manager

Ik had je even opgezocht / toegevoegd (linkedin) omdat we hier een Indiase dame hebben, welke Bakker gaat verlaten. Zij was nog op zoek naar een fijn taleninstituut voor het verder aanleren en verbeteren van de Nederlandse taal, dus heb mijn ervaring met de Taalbrigade met haar gedeeld 🙂

Anita – HR manager

Een aantal quotes van de cursisten

“It lays goods foundation for the otherwise hard for self-study Dutch language. So, overlapping with the expectations.”

“Great, having fun while learning”

“Riet is a very good instructor, she’s patient with us and willing to discuss quite language oddities. Her explanations are very helpful. The course book is a good support for us. The homework is not hard and easy enough to go through.”

“Hope you are doing well. My sincerest apologies for a late response! I really enjoyed the first lesson. Anita is very patient and paces well with me. I am looking forward to the year ahead and hope to reach B2 level by the end of the year under her guidance.”