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Incompany Dutch group course

You want to organise a Dutch course for (you and) your colleagues? At team Dutch the students will learn to speak Dutch with confidence in everyday situations. And in a fun way!

What we do

We organise in-company Dutch courses at your office. We’ll teach students the building blocks to build on. In small groups (max. 10) students will get much speaking practice and will be able to hold a conversation in no time!

Learning the fun way!

We understand that overcoming the fear of speaking Dutch and making mistakes can be a challenge. But if you connect words & grammar to sounds, images and emotions you can bring the language to life! That’s why we use a large variety of exercises, examples, games & videos to make our lessons interactive and fun.

The benefits of our learning approach

  • Interactive and fun lessons
  • Much speaking practice
  • learning to hold everyday conversations
  • Easygoing and patient teachers
  • We are a flexibel language partner
  • You’ll get one point of contact
  • We’ll support you as much as possible with organizing the course


  • The beginner program is 40 hours and aims at (complete) beginners who want to kickstart their Dutch and build a solid basis. The students will get one 2,5 hour lesson and 3-5 hours of selfstudy a week.
  • The advanced (beginner) program is 35 or 40 hours and is for advanced beginners who want to improve their Dutch skills. Much speaking practice is involved in the program. The students will get one 2,5 hour lesson and 3-5 hours of selfstudy a week.


After the course students will have the building blocks to build on to continue learning Dutch on their own. Advanced students have gained much speaking experience, know how to hold a conversation and have boosted their confidence in speaking Dutch. The students will get a personal advice from their teacher and they can get a certificate. (A1-C2)

Team Dutch

We’re a group of well-educated, experienced Dutch trainers. We think that language learning is most effective when it’s fun! Through interactive games/ exercises and much speaking practice we’ll give students the motivation to keep going.