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Dutch Language schools Tilburg

Are you searching for Dutch institutes in Tilburg? We have selected great choices of language schools below for you to take Dutch courses. You can check up on them and choose the best that suits you.

What type of course suits you?

Generally, language schools propose private and group courses:

  1. Group courses: You get to interact with other participants in a lively environment. Learning in groups is more enjoyable as you get to practice your speaking skills through various topics.
  2. Private courses: You have all the trainer’s attention in a private course. The teacher is taking into account what you exactly wish to learn and in which area you have to improve. If you want quick progress, the best way is to take a private course.

Dutch language schools Tilburg

NLIT (Nederlands leren in Tilburg)

NLIT is based in Tilburg and teaches Dutch for beginners. It offers mainly group courses, but also tailor-made integration courses and in company training. With more than 20 years of teaching, the school is highly experienced in providing lessons for foreigners.  

  • For the school, communication is the key and most effective. You receive more practice in class.
  • You do computer exercises, mainly at home
  • If you do not appreciate the course, you can stop in 2 weeks – The first 2 weeks are free.
  • You have access to the website and can learn individually after acquiring the textbooks Taal Compleet A1 and A2 and TaalSterk B1.

The number of students per class is not determined. It depends on the number of participants registering for the course. If many, after a week, you will be split into smaller groups. The training lasts for 18 weeks, 2 times a week and 2 hours per session.

Taal 4U Taaltrainingen

With 27 years of experience, the school organizes various types of language courses with 15 famous languages along with Dutch. It offers interesting language training, in groups, individual, in company, intensive, weekend training, cultural training and business group training.)

  • The school’s main focus is to give personal attention and quality training to participants tailored to their needs.
  • Skilled teachers who give importance to your needs and who is flexible according to your availability, especially for companies.
  • You can try Skype lessons if you can’t make it to class due to work, or have a busy agenda
  • Courses are given directly by communication, not on a computer followed by an explanation.  

Speaking skills is best practiced in small groups. The class size is small (6-10) students. There’s also a language course called ‘Quartet’, 4 participants (between friends or colleagues). The courses happens during evening hours in Breda and Tilburg.

Tilburg University

You can also learn Dutch at Tilburg University. If you want to improve your Dutch or wants to study a new language, the University has a Language Center. Its students and staffs can attend the courses. It is also open to outsiders (expats, foreigners, other students).

  • With academic, well-trained teachers, you are assisted and encouraged to find your own learning approach. You are given tips and ideas to accelerate the learning process.
  • You can participate in interactive events such as Language Café or Buddy Systems to practice your language skills.
  • You have access to educational materials for your self-study like useful language applications, websites, and pronunciation training…
  • You can learn through digital language software and modern rooms with a computer for each student.

The university offers varied Dutch courses for all levels. There are also intensive courses if you need to learn Dutch for a short period of time. The maximum number of participants in a group is 20.

Bogaers Taleninstituut B.V.

Bogaers Language Institute teaches 25 languages including Dutch. It is based in Tilburg, but can provide training in all parts of the Netherlands. It offers group courses, individual and in-company training. With more than 25 years of experience, the school works with skilled and qualified instructors.

  • The school gives great importance to its clients, adjusting the courses according to their exact needs. The program will be discussed prior to the courses.
  • Customer satisfaction rating of a 9.1 at Springest
  • The Institute is very flexible. It can organize a course that suits you at the place, time, and number of participants of your choice. You get to organize your own group.
  • You can participate in Dutch Workshop Spelling to improve your writing skills.

Since the school’s approach is flexibility. The number of participants will entirely depend on the customers, it can vary from 1 to 40 people. You can choose an intensive training for 1 week, a month or even 2 years. It provides lessons during daytime, evening and even weekends.

Dutchsummerschool.nl / Dutchwinterschool.nl

If you want to experience learning Dutch in an intensive and fun way, then enroll for the Dutch Summer School. It happens between July/August. It is called Dutch Winter School during winter January/February. You can choose between Amsterdam and Drenthe. This program suits you if you want to learn Dutch the fast way.

  • The learning method is based on co-working with each other: doing homework together, practise Dutch, exploring the country in a good social atmosphere
  • The school teaches Dutch with its own book ‘Het Lesboek’
  • Participants of the Dutch Winter School have access to additional e-learning materials for more practice
  • You can choose to be accommodated or not. The place has it all: free Wi-Fi, free use of a bike, gym, a library, a study area and gaming room. There is a canteen with cheap meals and a paid laundry service.

The Summer School usually has a lot of participants, it can be more than 300 students and is more popular than the Winter School. The teacher speaks Dutch, but uses English for lower levels to help you understand. The groupsize is max. 16 students.

Team Dutch

If you’re looking for a private Dutch course or want to organise a group course at your office please consider choosing us. 🙂 You’ll get much speaking practice and will be able to hold a conversation with Dutch colleagues and friends in no time!

  • much speaking practice
  • interactive and fun lessons
  • you’ll learn how to handle daily conversations
  • easygoing, experienced and fun teachers

We specialise in in-company courses. The groupsize is max. 10 participants and the course is focused on the learning goals of the participants. You’ll get one 2,5 hour lesson plus 3/4 hours of homework and the course takes 5 months to complete. We’re a flexible language institute with patient and enthusiastic teachers.

We hope that we helped you to find the right school for you. Thank you for reading this page!