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Dutch Language schools Amsterdam

Have you recently moved to Amsterdam for your new job or wants to improve your language skills? Are you ready to start learning Dutch? But not sure which language institute you should choose? We’ve selected the best and most fun schools for you!

Which course suits you best?

Language schools offer private and group courses in general :

  1. Group course:  You are likely to have more fun interacting with other participants.  You’ll learn basic or advanced topics. You’ll meet new people, make new friends and this is the most cost-effective solution.
  2. Private courses:  If you want to progress quickly, you might consider doing a private course. You’ll have a lot of speaking practice and work on your specific areas of improvement. You’ll learn how to speak fluently and confidently in no time.

Dutch language schools Amsterdam


If you want to learn Dutch the fun way Koentact is your best choice!! At Koentact you’ll learn Dutch by lots of practice, you will do fieldtrips in Amsterdam, meet local people and connect with your  international classmates.

  • Learn Dutch in a fun way (classes and outdoor field trips to discover the city, meet local people, international classmates and make new friends)
  • Teaching method aimed at the students expectations, interests and what you want to learn.
  •  Regular open days, where you get to know more about the school, meet the teachers and have an idea of the learning  approach. A free trial lesson is offered.

Among the various Dutch courses, the group courses are the ‘Dutch Evening Group Course’ with 10 lessons and 2 field trips (31h / 5 weeks) and ‘Dutch Day Group Course’ with 8 lessons and 2 field trips (32h / 4 weeks). The number of participants range from 6 to 12.


The BLTC is a renowned language centre for English and Dutch language. BLTC school work with highly skilled teachers and trainers. You can expect a practical, communicative and interactive learning approach.

  • Since it is an Authorised Cambridge English exam centre, the students are trained for internationally recognised Cambridge English Exams, the Teaching English (CELTA) and for the International English Language Testing System IELTS.
  • Up-to-date classroom technology to motivate the students (students are focused and proactive)
  • You can also take conversational classes or Business Dutch organised for groups and individuals

The school has five levels from beginners (learning basic vocabularies to communicate in everyday situations) to advanced (effective communication skills in speaking, writing and listening with good use of grammatical structures). Class sizes are small.


Taalhuis makes learning Dutch enjoyable with friendly teachers. It provides courses for expats, au pairs and international students who wishes to integrate and learn more about the country. The school has 8 lesson locations in the Netherlands with more than 45 qualified, experienced and certified NT2 trainers.

  • Taalthuis develops its own learning approach for  Beginners and Intermediate levels
  • The members have access to e-learning with their login (important tool to reinforce vocabulary and pronunciation)
  • Learning Dutch cultures and customs in a fun way through games, stories and filling of texts

The groupsize has a maximum of 12 students. Each member receives a certificate of participation at the end of each level with their exam result.

Dutch Such

Dutch & Such is based in the centre of Amsterdam and offers English and Dutch courses. It also provides help with ‘Inburgeringsexamen’ and translation.  What differentiates the school from others is the creative method of learning provided by the passionate professional artist and founder Nick Walker.

  • Demonstrates the lessons through Mind Mapping and drawings on the whiteboard to help understand and entertain the students
  • Homeworks are more fun by watching online videos with transcriptions and questions
  • Elearning and wonderful apps advised by the teacher to help learn vocabulary

Class sizes for group courses in Dutch & Such is small with a maximum of 8 participants per group. In-company courses can have 10 students. Small groups ensure maximum learning and successful results.

Dutchsummerschool.nl / Dutchwinterschool.nl

If you want to experience learning Dutch in an intensive and fun way, then enroll for the Dutch Summer School. It happens between July/August. It is called Dutch Winter School during winter January/February. You can choose between Amsterdam and Drenthe. This program suits you if you want to learn Dutch the fast way.

  • The learning method is based on co-working with each other: doing homework together, practise Dutch, exploring the country in a good social atmosphere
  • The school teaches Dutch with its own book ‘Het Lesboek’
  • Participants of the Dutch Winter School have access to additional e-learning materials for more practice
  • You can choose to be accommodated or not. The place has it all: free Wi-Fi, free use of a bike, gym, a library, a study area and gaming room. There is a canteen with cheap meals and a paid laundry service.

The Summer School usually has a lot of participants, it can be more than 300 students and is more popular than the Winter School. The teacher speaks Dutch, but uses English for lower levels to help you understand. The groupsize is max. 16 students.

Rubio Dutch

Rubio Dutch Amsterdam offers private and group Dutch lessons. It offers various private classes like intensive Dutch courses for beginners to advanced and pronunciation  classes. It is the first private language school with a Reverse Studyology learning approach (schoolwork at home and homework at school).

  • No homework (she believes 90% of the language learners lose motivation over homework exercises)
  • Class time is  spent on practice with role-play, games and challenges.
  • The grammar lessons are explained through short videos that you can watch at home whenever you’re free
  • You can gain more confidence, overcome shyness and receive language tips to handle a conversation.

Rubio Dutch’s teacher assists each participant with the use of appropriate vocabularies to deal with personal and professional life. You will be helped with your career development with language training such as writing an effective résumé, cover letter, job interview.  

Team Dutch

If you’re looking for a private Dutch course or want to organise a group course at your office please consider choosing us. 🙂 You’ll get much speaking practice and will be able to hold a conversation with Dutch colleagues and friends in no time!

  • much speaking practice
  • interactive and fun lessons
  • you’ll learn how to handle daily conversations
  • easygoing, experienced and fun teachers

We specialise in in-company courses. The groupsize is max. 10 participants and the course is focused on the learning goals of the participants. You’ll get one 2,5 hour lesson plus 3/4 hours of homework and the course takes 5 months to complete. We’re a flexible language institute with patient and enthusiastic teachers.

We hope that we helped you to find the right school for you. Thank you for reading this page!