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Dutch Language schools Amstelveen

Are you a newcomer in Amstelveen? Learning Dutch will help you integrate and enjoy your time. It will make your life easier both at the workplace and outside of work. We’ve provided below the best schools you can attend in Amstelveen.

Which type of course do you prefer?

In general, language schools provide private and group courses.

  1. Group courses: In this type of course, you will have a lot of interaction and communication in the class with the other participants and the teacher. You will practice through discussions on interesting topics. You will meet and make new friends.
  2. Private courses: You will obtain language training based on specific skills you need with flexible schedule. The duration, the frequency and the timing will be up to you. The content of the course will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Dutch language schools Amstelveen

Katakura WBLC

With Katakura WBLC, you will receive entertaining and quality Dutch lessons with experienced and knowledgeable native-speakers trainers. It is a renowned language school and highly experienced in offering Dutch courses.  It provides group and private courses at all levels (beginners to advanced).

  • It has various interesting Dutch language programme like ‘ Dutch for expats’ , ‘Dutch Summer Courses’, ‘Dutch for professionals’, ‘Dutch Saturday Courses’, ‘Dutch Intensive Courses’…
  • Reasonable course fee with excellent training that focuses on conversation skills
  • Enjoy Events like ‘Expat Meetup Dutch Language Pub’ where you will receive Dutch training for free every 1st Friday of the month at 8 PM.
  • With the ‘Free Trial lesson’ you can attend a class for 15 min to see if the school’s learning approach suits you

The class size is small with 6-9 students maximum. The school wants to give personal attention to each student. Course duration varies from 12, 8, 4, 2-1 week taken during weekdays or the weekends.

Dutchsummerschool.nl / Dutchwinterschool.nl

If you want to experience learning Dutch in an intensive and fun way, then enroll for the Dutch Summer School. It happens between July/August. It is called Dutch Winter School during winter January/February. You can choose between Amsterdam and Drenthe. This program suits you if you want to learn Dutch the fast way.

  • The learning method is based on co-working with each other: doing homework together, practise Dutch, exploring the country in a good social atmosphere
  • The school teaches Dutch with its own book ‘Het Lesboek’
  • Participants of the Dutch Winter School have access to additional e-learning materials for more practice
  • You can choose to be accommodated or not. The place has it all: free Wi-Fi, free use of a bike, gym, a library, a study area and gaming room. There is a canteen with cheap meals and a paid laundry service.

The Summer School usually has a lot of participants, it can be more than 300 students and is more popular than the Winter School. The teacher speaks Dutch, but uses English for lower levels to help you understand. The groupsize is max. 16 students.

Team Dutch

If you’re looking for a private Dutch course or want to organise a group course at your office please consider choosing us. 🙂 You’ll get much speaking practice and will be able to hold a conversation with Dutch colleagues and friends in no time!

  • much speaking practice
  • interactive and fun lessons
  • you’ll learn how to handle daily conversations
  • easygoing, experienced and fun teachers

We specialise in in-company courses. The groupsize is max. 10 participants and the course is focused on the learning goals of the participants. You’ll get one 2,5 hour lesson plus 3/4 hours of homework and the course takes 5 months to complete. We’re a flexible language institute with patient and enthusiastic teachers.

We hope that we helped you to find the right school for you. Thank you for reading this page!