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Dutch Language schools Amersfoort

Are you living in Amersfoort? Are you interested in taking Dutch lessons? Here are some of the top language schools you can check and then pick the most that suits you.

What type of course do you enjoy?

Language schools provide group and private courses in general:

  1. Group courses: You learn in a multicultural environment. You study Dutch through group discussions on various themes and topics, games, social activities…It is more enjoyable as you meet new friends and practice your skills together.
  2. Private courses: You can take private courses if you have to develop a particular language skills at work. It is more effective and faster. The lessons are tailor made and focuses exactly on what you wish to learn.

Dutch language schools Amersfoort


At TaalSterk-Amersfoort, you will learn Dutch for several reasons. It can be the preparation for the state exam, for your work or for improving your Dutch skills. The school specializes in offering Dutch courses for companies and individuals on different levels (Beginners to Advanced.)

  • The teacher is experienced in providing tailor-made courses. She is attentive, patient and gives importance to personal attention
  • The lessons are well prepared and structured with more importance on writing and speaking
  • Your requirements are essential. The courses are specially intended at the skills you need to gain.

Taalsterk mostly gives private lessons. It offers tailor-made training for individuals or for small groups. You can choose to take the courses in its classroom in Vathorst or at the company’s location. The class times and schedules are up to you depending on your preferences. 

De Taaltrainer

If you’re a non-native Dutch employee who wants to develop specific skills for your job, De Taaltrainer offers Dutch Business course. The trainings are destined for foreigners, expats and companies. You can choose to take the lessons in private or group courses.

  • The school has selected the best language trainers for you with almost 10 to 15 years of teaching experience
  • Tailor-made courses that answers your needs and goals, depending on your budget and time
  • Extra learning and practice with the ‘Online Learning’: various modules and themes for different levels
  • Special themed workshops for companies focusing on their needs.

You can take the training individually or with your colleagues in the school’s classroom in Amersfoort or at your workplace. You can also enroll in an open group course with the presence of members from other companies.


Taalthuis is a renowned language school in the Netherlands. It is present in 7 cities including Amersfoort.  Its targets are expats, au pairs and international students who want to learn and improve Dutch skills. It provides group and in-company courses with different levels from beginners to advanced.

  • Tallthuis makes the lessons interesting and fun with inspiring subjects and topics
  • The school develops its own course materials for the Beginner and Intermediate levels
  • You have access to the e-learning, to help you practice with pronunciation, grammar exercises and learn new vocabulary
  • You get a 15% discount on the course fee if you’re an au pair or a student

The maximum number of participants in group courses is 12. The school aims to give personal attention as much as possible. The course is taken either in the morning from 9.30 to 11.45 or in the evening from 7.15 to 9.30.

Dutchsummerschool.nl / Dutchwinterschool.nl

If you want to experience learning Dutch in an intensive and fun way, then enroll for the Dutch Summer School. It happens between July/August. It is called Dutch Winter School during winter January/February. You can choose between Amsterdam and Drenthe. This program suits you if you want to learn Dutch the fast way.

  • The learning method is based on co-working with each other: doing homework together, practise Dutch, exploring the country in a good social atmosphere
  • The school teaches Dutch with its own book ‘Het Lesboek’
  • Participants of the Dutch Winter School have access to additional e-learning materials for more practice
  • You can choose to be accommodated or not. The place has it all: free Wi-Fi, free use of a bike, gym, a library, a study area and gaming room. There is a canteen with cheap meals and a paid laundry service.

The Summer School usually has a lot of participants, it can be more than 300 students and is more popular than the Winter School. The teacher speaks Dutch, but uses English for lower levels to help you understand. The groupsize is max. 16 students.

Team Dutch

If you’re looking for a private Dutch course or want to organise a group course at your office please consider choosing us. 🙂 You’ll get much speaking practice and will be able to hold a conversation with Dutch colleagues and friends in no time!

  • much speaking practice
  • interactive and fun lessons
  • you’ll learn how to handle daily conversations
  • easygoing, experienced and fun teachers

We specialise in in-company courses. The groupsize is max. 10 participants and the course is focused on the learning goals of the participants. You’ll get one 2,5 hour lesson plus 3/4 hours of homework and the course takes 5 months to complete. We’re a flexible language institute with patient and enthusiastic teachers.

We hope that we helped you to find the right school for you. Thank you for reading this page!