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Dutch course Bergen op Zoom

Do you want to organise a Dutch course for you (and your colleagues) in Bergen op Zoom? At Team Dutch you will learn to speak Dutch with confidence in everyday situations. And in a fun way!

What we do

We organise Dutch courses at your office, in Bergen op Zoom for individuals & in-house groups. We’ll teach you the building blocks to build on. In small groups (max. 10), you will get much speaking practice and will be able to hold a conversation in no time!

Learning the fun way

We understand that overcoming the fear of speaking Dutch and making mistakes can be a challenge. But if you connect words & grammar to sounds, images and emotions you can bring the language to life! That’s why we use a large variety of exercises, examples, learning games to make our lessons interactive and much fun.

The benefits of our learning approach

  • Interactive and fun lessons
  • Easygoing and patient teachers
  • Much speaking practice
  • Learning on your own pace

Beginner group course (40 hours)

The program is for (complete) beginners who want to kickstart their Dutch and build a solid basis. You will get one 2,5 hour lesson and 3-5 hours of self study a week.

Advanced group course (30-40 hours)

The program is for advanced beginners who want to improve their Dutch skills. You’ll get much speaking practice and will learn how to hold a conversation with colleagues in no time! You will get one 2,5 hour lesson and 3-5 hours of self study a week.

Private Dutch course (30-40 hours)

This program is for Dutch learners who are looking for fast results! The program is tailor made and you’ll learn exactly what you want. For example a solid Dutch basis, Dutch skills you need at work, how to use grammar in real life, a good pronunciation and how to speak fluently and confidently.


After the course you will have the building blocks to build on to continue learning Dutch on your own. Advanced students will know how to hold a conversation and boost their confidence in speaking Dutch. You’ll get a personal advice on how to continue learning effectively and can get a language certificate.

Team Dutch Bergen op Zoom

We’re a group of well-educated, experienced Dutch trainers living in Bergen op Zoom. Our enthusiastic and patient learning approach makes sure that you can learn at your own pace and have fun during the course.

Reviews from our students/ clients

Many thanks for providing me with the May attendance sheet. Last week I’ve sent out a survey to the participants to gather feedback about the course, please find a dashboard that summarizes their input here. Overall, they seemed to be very satisfied with the course and Riet’s method, was great to read their feedback. Many thanks to both you & Riet for the support.

Hope you are doing well. My sincerest apologies for a late response! I really enjoyed the first lesson. Anita is very patient and paces well with me. I am looking forward to the year ahead and hope to reach B2 level by the end of the year under her guidance.

“Riet is a very good instructor, she’s patient with us and willing to discuss quite language oddities. Her explanations are very helpful. The course book is a good support for us. The homework is not hard and easy enough to go through. ”

“It lays goods foundation for the otherwise hard for self-study Dutch language. So, overlapping with the expectations. ”

“Great, having fun while learning”